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Who Needs A Flu Shot?

Friday, September 29, 2017

Hospital news

It's that time of year again. It's time for flu season. This year, take one extra step to stay healthy: Talk to your doctor about getting a seasonal flu vaccine.

The Medical Clinics of Hondo, Devine and Castroville can provide the flu shots for you and your family. Established patients can come in for the flu shot without an appointment during regular clinic hours. New patients can schedule an appointment by calling (830) 426-7444. Most insurances cover the cost of the vaccine. The flu shot is $30 without insurance coverage.

Who needs it?

The flu is unpleasant for anyone who gets it. So a flu vaccine is a good idea for anyone who wants to reduce their risk of getting sick.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that people ages 6 months and older receive the flu vaccine each year. Vaccination is especially important for people who are at high risk for serious flu complications. This includes:

Young children.
Pregnant women.
People with chronic health conditions like asthma, diabetes or heart and lung disease.
People 50 years and older.
Vaccination is also important for people who live with or care for anyone at high risk for serious flu complications.

If you have questions about whether or not to get a flu shot, talk to your doctor.