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Diagnostic Imaging

New Upgrade, 3-D Mammography!

We have upgraded our 2-D mammography unit to 3-D mammography, which is the standard of care for breast imaging. 3-D mammography is able to detect up to 40% more cancers than 2-D mammograms, providing exceptional image quality, accurate diagnostic results, and reducing the need for follow-up imaging. The upgraded unit ensures a superior mammography experience, allowing patients to control compression for a more comfortable screening process and incorporating features for easier positioning, reducing physical strain and enhancing patient comfort. Read more.

Our Services

The medical imaging professionals at Medina Regional Hospital are dedicated to providing high quality diagnostic imaging services to our community. Our imaging department provides a full range of diagnostic services, including:

Diagnostic Radiography (X-ray)

Computed Tomography (CT/ CAT Scan)

CT Coronary Calcium Scores

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI/MRA) Read more about our recent upgrade here.

Ultrasound Imaging


Women’s Imaging

3-D Mammography

Screening and diagnostic mammography services

Physician’s orders are not required for routine annual screening mammograms

Breast Sonography

Breast Biopsies

Bone Densitometry (DEXA)

GYN Sonography

Diagnostic imaging professional interpretation and interventional procedures are provided by South Texas Radiology Group, P.A. (STRG). STRG is the largest radiologist group in the San Antonio area, providing imaging interpretation services for all of STRIC and the Methodist Hospital Facilities.

Diagnostic X-ray services are also available at our rural health clinics in Castroville and Devine.