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Organ Donation Facilitated by Medina Healthcare System

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Hospital news

Did you know the Medina Healthcare System works with community partners, the Texas Organ Sharing Alliance (TOSA) and the San Antonio Eye Bank, for organ and tissue donation? Last year, two patients were cornea donors. Their donations led to sight restoration for four patients.

Chief Nursing Officer Billie Bell, RN, explains the process: “All deaths and imminent deaths, including fetal demise greater than 20 weeks gestation, that occur at MHS are considered for possible donations, with TOSA notification within one hour of death. TOSA is available 24/7 to take calls and determine medical sustainability of potential donors. After a donor has been assessed and approved by TOSA, they make contact with the patient’s next of kin to discuss the possibility of organ/tissue donation. They provide guidance and answer questions. Medina Regional Hospital personnel do not make contact with patient’s families or answer questions regarding donation – this is handled exclusively by organ/tissue staff.”

According to the TOSA website, organ donation saves thousands of lives every year. One person can save eight lives through the gift of organ donation and can save or enhance the lives of up to 75 with the donation of corneas and tissues. Unfortunately, there is a drastic shortage of organ donors in this country and the demand far exceeds the supply. More than 120,000 men, women and children await life-saving organ transplants and 22 people die each day while waiting. You have the power to help change that. Learn more and register your decision to be an organ donor at