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More myths and facts about the coronavirus

What's true and what's not about masks, 5G and more.

Published: 08/12/2020

How to beat back summer migraines

Six tips for staying headache-free.

Published: 08/10/2020

How vaccines are developed

Testing them and getting them approved is a careful process.

Published: 08/08/2020

Salmonella outbreak linked to red onions

If you're not sure where your onion came from, throw it out.

Published: 08/07/2020

Tips for staying safe while protesting

Be sure to bring hand sanitizer and use it frequently.

Published: 08/06/2020

How to self-quarantine with COVID-19

Learn how to keep yourself and others safe.

Published: 08/05/2020

Power shutoffs can help prevent wildfires

But it's important to be prepared for lights-out.

Published: 08/03/2020

What back to school may look like this year

There are a lot of unknowns, but flexibility will be key.

Published: 08/01/2020

8 ways to beat the heat

Stay safe and cool this summer.

Published: 07/31/2020

Wearing a face mask when you have asthma

Try these tips for making your mask work for you.

Published: 07/30/2020

How to remove a tick

Hint: Don't try nail polish, a match or petroleum jelly.

Published: 07/29/2020

What is pooled testing?

How it works and what the results mean.

Published: 07/28/2020

Positive self-talk can be a great stress-buster

Words matter, including those you tell yourself.

Published: 07/25/2020

Fruits, veggies and whole grains may lower diabetes risk

Are you eating enough to reap the benefits?

Published: 07/24/2020

How alcohol harms the body

Quitting drinking can reverse some of the damage.

Published: 07/23/2020

Broken-heart syndrome on the rise

Pandemic stress may trigger this heart attack look-alike.

Published: 07/22/2020

COVID-19 symptoms may linger for months

Some people who've "recovered" report long-term symptoms.

Published: 07/21/2020

Parents: Learn the signs of juvenile arthritis

Adults aren't the only ones who deal with arthritis.

Published: 07/18/2020

How to spot a COVID-19 contact tracing scam

Learn the telltale signs of a rip-off.

Published: 07/17/2020

Temperature check: Tips to avoid food poisoning

Keeping hot foods hot and cold foods cold is essential.

Published: 07/16/2020

Why you might want to check your blood pressure at home

Many home monitors are easy to use.

Published: 07/15/2020

How to cope with 'pandemic nightmares'

Daytime anxiety can invade your sleep and your dreams.

Published: 07/14/2020

Safety tips to avoid COVID-19

Wearing a mask and washing your hands are a good start.

Published: 07/11/2020

Why you need water

There's more than one way to hydrate.

Published: 07/09/2020

COVID-19 hot spots: Neighborhood bars

One bar in Michigan was linked to 107 coronavirus cases.

Published: 07/08/2020