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How to do hands-only CPR

Call 911, then follow these three steps.

Published: 06/25/2022

7 ways to stop damaging your hair

Are you hurting your hair?

Published: 06/24/2022

Food allergies may lower chances of COVID-19

New research shows how allergies and asthma affect your COVID-19 risk.

Published: 06/23/2022

Do you know the facts about colonoscopy prep?

Test your knowledge and get helpful hints.

Published: 06/21/2022

Monkeypox: Answers to your biggest questions

Get the facts about monkeypox.

Published: 06/20/2022

How to check for signs of testicular cancer

Shower time is prime time for a self-exam.

Published: 06/18/2022

COVID-19 vaccines during pregnancy may protect babies too

A study from Norway found that newborns were less likely to get COVID-19 if their moms had been vaccinated.

Published: 06/17/2022

Coping with scanxiety

Test-related anxiety is common among cancer survivors.

Published: 06/16/2022

Blood donation: Are you eligible?

Every two seconds, someone in the U.S. needs blood.

Published: 06/14/2022

Father's Day: Check out these healthy gift ideas

Give him a gift that will keep him in your life longer.

Published: 06/13/2022

6 signs of sinus headaches

Allergy season can be a real headache.

Published: 06/11/2022

Try these 10-minute fitness breaks

Meet your weekly goal 10 minutes at a time.

Published: 06/10/2022

Paxlovid: How to handle rebound symptoms

COVID-19 symptoms after taking Paxlovid? Here's what to do.

Published: 06/09/2022

Hernia: When do you need surgery?

Some hernias are emergencies.

Published: 06/07/2022

5 facts about long COVID-19

Vaccines offer some protection.

Published: 06/06/2022

The truth about migraines

Get the facts behind the migraine myths.

Published: 06/04/2022

Keep kids safe this summer

Parents: Keep an eye on these 5 areas.

Published: 06/03/2022

Why does melanoma hit men particularly hard?

An important message during Men’s Health Month.

Published: 06/02/2022

Tick talk: What to do if you get bit by a tick

Learn the right way to remove a tick.

Published: 05/31/2022

Hydrating now may help ward off heart failure later

Learn an easy way to tell if you’re well-hydrated.

Published: 05/30/2022

Penicillin: You might not be allergic after all

Were you told you had a penicillin allergy?

Published: 05/28/2022

7 ways to stay safe in the sun

If your shadow is shorter than you are, seek shade.

Published: 05/27/2022

6 tips for healthy food shopping on a budget

Make your next grocery run a success.

Published: 05/26/2022

9 ways you can control your blood pressure

What can you do to manage your blood pressure? A lot.

Published: 05/24/2022

The dangers of homemade baby formula

Homemade formula can cause serious health problems.

Published: 05/23/2022