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Spring into Good Health

Spring is here! Goodbye Winter.  Warmer temperatures are most likely here to stay.   Spring is the perfect time to venture outdoors for better physical and mental health.  Research suggests that spending time outside can improve your health by helping to reduce stress, lowering blood pressure and even improving Vitamin D levels.  In the winter, we don’t spend as much time outside and may be lacking in this vital nutrient obtained from sunlight.  Low vitamin D levels can actually lower your body’s immunity, increase your risk for heart disease and can put your bone health at risk.  Longer days and warmer temperatures allow for more time to soak up what your body needs to maintain normal levels.  Just remember to wear your sunscreen, if you plan to be outdoors more than 15-20 minutes. 

Extra daylight hours, also gives you more time to get in some afternoon or evening exercise.  You can mow your yard, work in your garden or go for an evening walk to improve your hearth health and wellness.  You might find yourself more motivated to stick to your exercise routine with the onset of warmer weather.  As the temperature levels do rise here in Texas, it’s important to stay well hydrated. Carrying a water bottle with you, can help you maintain your fluid needs.  You may try adding fresh lemon, cucumber or mint to your water to add a little flavor and keep you from getting tired of drinking just plain water.

Spring time is also the time of year when fresh produce is readily available. Check out your local grocery store or farmer’s market and enjoy some fruits and vegetables you missed out on during the winter months.  Peas, asparagus, kale, radicchio, apricots, avocados, strawberries and oranges are just a few examples of fruits and vegetables at their prime in the Spring.   Try a few new fruits or vegetables each week and keep your plate bright and colorful for more appeal.    It should be mentioned, that although there is more daylight available, eating a later supper or high calorie snacks before bed may not be the best choice for improving your weight and overall sleep schedule.  So remember, Spring is here—Enjoy the birds chirping, the green grass and take steps toward good health by making healthy food choices and activities each day.  Before you know it –Summer will be here!

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